Economic Characteristics of the station Babylon 6

      Economic Characteristics of the station Babylon 6

      Economic structures

      Economic Characteristics of the station Babylon 6

      sources of income

      Landing fees
      • will be charged for ships which stay only a short time period. For example, to sell or buy goods at Babylon 6, to receive some maintenance or for passengers to embark and disembark,
      • this can best be compared to a car park in a supermarket, where the car is parked during the weekend shopping.

      Docking bay
      • this is in general the place where you can park your ship for long time periods. Also available for larger ships like an Idris etc. depicted below.
      • compareable o a berth for ships at sea and/ or on rivers.

      Logistic Service
      • Goods will be loaded and unloaded by the staff of Babylon 6,
      • the service fees will be calculated depending on the size of the charge, use of technical aids and required time.

      Close Protection Service
      • Additional security personnel for special guests (VIPs), ships or cargo, which can be ordered on demand,
      • comparable to the Secret Service, the bodyguard of the Queen or the SEC in Germany

      Omega Squadron Service
      • an extra squadron of 3 hunters which is responsible for the protection of ships within the Babylon 6 sector,
      • comparable to the police at demonstrations

      Deposit System
      • players who are unable to pay their bills can hand over their ships to the Babylon 6 administration as a deposit,
      • as soon as they are able to pay off the deposit amount they will get back their ship,
      • comparable to a pawnbroker.

      Salvage law
      • ships which have been destroyed in the vicinity of Babylon 6 will be recovered by Babylon 6 staff,
      • these ships can not be requisitioned by other players,
      • comparable to the rights of a landowner.

      Gambling Tax
      • during tournaments you can officially place bets, these are taxed,
      • comparable to a betting shop.

      • rental rates for quarters (to provide a safe log out area) or to store inventory items,
      • for businesses, lodgings, warehouses, walls (for graffiti artists, for example),
      • comparable real estate agents.

      Products of Babylon 6
      • agriculture, medicine and more,
      • e.g. produced in botanical gardens or onboard of Byblon 6 supporting spaceships,
      • compareable to fields on landbased agriculture and greenhouses.

      Fixed Costs

      Staff Costs

      Players who work at the station will be rewarded for their services with a fixed salary per hour. Allthough the amount of the payable salary can not be determined yet, this will be based on a calculated average income of an individual player within the boundaries of the economical system of the Verse.
      The necesdsary data will be collected during the first year of Star Citizen or the past year of our project. This depends on how quick we find and build up our space station.

      Operating Cost

      This category includes in addition to the fuel for the hunters also the ammunition for the weapon, any spare parts, insurance fees and the eqquipement of the security personnel.


      Allthough the final game mechanics to operate a station within Star Citizen is not known yet, there could be a tax or rent you have to pay for operating of a space station.

      Variable costs

      This category includes all costs which are in general not tied with the operating process of a space station. Please, do not mix up with variable costs within the known reallife business procedurs.

      Damage caused by collisions of spaceships

      Anyone who tries to land a Mustang for the first time knows how difficult this can be. In order to prevent players to pay constantly small repairs after landing at Babylon 6, we will offer such minimal repairs for free. This service is limited to minor repairs only. If the players attempt to land his ship ends up with his ship nearly completely damaged, he has to pay the repair fees on his own.

      Solidarity costs

      As already descriped in the Babylon 6 Charter, in order to protect players not to lose their ships, we will do anything to prevend failure to render assitance.
      These support services fall for us under the term "solidarity". Thereby we will protect those players who are stuck in an emergency situation within the sector of Babylon 6, of dieing without receiving the necessary assistance.

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