Space station Babylon 6 - Financial Planning

      Space station Babylon 6 - Financial Planning

      Space station Babylon 6 - Financial Planning

      General A-types of people on the space station

      It is on the space station pass 4 A-Typical players who can be classified on the basis of your presence coarse.

      Type A1: Visitor
      This type of players is very rare on the space station, usually as a visitor or events.

      Type A2: regulars
      These players are relatively regularly on the station, usually to settle transactions or to attract new customers.

      Type A3: Freelancer
      These are matches that not only shops at the station working but also lend a hand where you do minor work and earn something to.

      Type A4: professional crew
      These players have decided your online time in the service of the station to spend and to contribute actively with. Unless it is a mission that takes you from the station away, about a patrol, they are always here and help the functionality of the station to ensure.

      Possible income situation of station

      Particularly at the beginning of the space station will give rise to profit and are actively subsidized by Babylon 6 project organizations.

      However, in order to increase the yield of the station and to reduce the losses of the organizations at the beginning, an Endeavor and 2 Vanguard of the station is assigned as a permanent task forces. So are the products of Endeavor are sold at the station and all the more to stimulate the economy of the station. The Vanguard hunters should contrast as protection for the station and
      the Endeavor serve up the defenses of the station are ready for use.

      In addition, the Endeavor will serve as accommodation for the station crew to the space station far does it get there permanently work may be dependent on the supply from the outside without. (Air, food / water, etc.)

      Currently, it is still open whether or not such three ships still more spaceships parked permanently in the organizations of the Space Station. However, it is quite likely that it will not only stay with this. Over time, will probably step, the production base is always supported by a spacecraft until the station itself has the necessary equipment.
      If this is ever the case ever be.

      Basic development of a Space Station

      Whether we build the station, conquer or find or rent, it is very likely that we are at the beginning, only have a very limited access to the ultimate possibilities of a space station.

      Optional modules or equipment that may not there are or are damaged and need to be repaired are:
      • landing sites
      • shields
      • plating
      • energy Systems
      • quarters
      • arming
      • Automatic defense platforms
      • Shops for sale
      • repair equipment
      • Medical institutions
      • Sensors and communication technology
      • partitions
      • Lifts
      • railways
      • stairs
      • Parasites / Monster / pirate threats

      Phase 1. Project begin

      To begin, we will continue to invest time and resources in the space station to make them attractive for a wide segment of the public.
      This is what we want to achieve in the we use the expansion and general working on the space station not only for members of the organization as a construction site but also players outside the project so in the form of jobs.

      At the same time we want to use the base of the space station in order to promote economic development in the form of a collaboration between a Endeavor with Bio Domes and a Merchantman with its trading rooms. In places, we will here use ships that have these areas of activity, such as a Starfarer or Crusible.

      Over time, this activity is always transmitted more on the space station, where the transactions are transferred to the space station first and at the same time be quarters for travelers to do.
      So we will build step manner, in which we first use spaceships and then transferred the areas of activity on the station, the space station.


      In the first phase, we have found what is everything to repair the space station to bring Organize and. In addition, we have several ships off the care of the most basic tasks of the station until it itself is able to take over these tasks. In this second phase, you now want the station step manner to build on and to decide which modules have priority and which we want to attach Later the space station.

      Phase 2. Determination of the cost of the space station and the distribution of costs to the individual organizations

      As an example, a 1% of the cost for the ISS:

      Allocating costs to the organizations in Babylon 6 project

      As one can see, this system is far from perfect, but it is the fairest system to all organizations in Babylon burdening 6 project equally and especially all organizations to be treated equally.

      Theoretical sources of income:

      A theoretical example.
      Let's assume that a freelancer-MAXwould transport, Spark 1, rocket.
      Furthermore, we assume that each of these missiles only a Fanned would require unit.
      • 600 REC purchase value
      Let us further assume to sell the whole thing with a contribution margin of 40%.

      The sales value would be equivalent to 840 REC, respectively 103 320 Total REC.
      So it was generated, a gross profit of 29,520 REC just as an example.

      This is called the gross profit because all other costs, fixed costs; Variable costs; Operating costs and how else they would call, belittle those profits further.
      Until ultimately remains the bottom line.

      From this profit margin, the space station will need to eat when she wants to be inventory permanently.

      Here a possible example could look like it:

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      Addendum to financial planning to Babylon 6

      What drives people?

      The reward at the end of a mission, the player drives.

      The Concept from a reward, drives the crew of a ship at.
      This is the point, why the Crew the captain follows.

      • The longer the mission is, the higher the expectations of the reward.
        If this is not implemented, this can have negative follow.
        In the worst case, this can lead to the setting of work.
      Or you offer a very high incentive, so that the player have got the feeling it's valuable enough.

      Theoretical assumption
      • Let's assume, the average merit amounts 8,50
        day are 68 Credits (at 8h)
        week are 340 credits (for 5 days)

        In the month of 1.360 credits.

      In the real world this money would be paid once a month. Thus, the company can longer use this money to the work.
      In simple terms:
      • the firm want work as long as possible with this money
      • at the same time one does not want so much effort have
      In a game, the players are such ideas usually not used, even though it is quite normal in the real world.

      less is more

      We want to convince the members of the different organizations of,
      • it makes sense to get involved in the station.
      • a great monthly reward is better than a small daily reward
      Let's assume we want to convince that it not only makes sense on the space station to meet your service, but to also to forego the daily reward for fulfillment of the layer-Quest and instead prefer a weekly, the members of each organization if not to accept monthly payment.

      Now how should you do such a thing? Possibly in which one leaves the choice to the player and him not forced into a rigid system to which he or she has to get accustomed.

      So the salary could be paid to the space station in Different shapes, each shape which our desire (a monthly payment) approximates the player ultimately brings more profit.

      Theoretical assumption 2)
      • One can automatically create quests in Star Citizen
        or specific records Member / rank in the organization can take off once by the Bank x credits.

      • In such a case one would players at different stages reward (depending on desire of the player)
        1. daily payout, obtained for his quest / mission on the station 8 credits per Invested hour on the same day
        2. weekly payment, obtained for his quest / mission on the station 8 credits per Invested hour on the same day + a bonus for each hour from 1 credit on the weekend (total. So 9)
        3. monthly payout, obtained for his quest / mission on the station 8 credits per Invested hour on the same day + a bonus for each hour of 2 credit at month-end (total. So 10)
        4. once a week, at the end of the week is obtained retroactively for each hour Invested 12 credits paid once
        5. once a month, at the end of the month is obtained retroactively for each hour Invested 15 credits paid once

      Theoretical implementation

      We know already that we have to plan on the station per item 24 hours a day. Wherein there may be a layer of 1 to 4 hours. This means a player can have a maximum on day 4 layers participate at a hospital ward.
      In our example above, this means a difference in the content of Daily:
      • Version 1)
        1. On day 32 Credits
        2. In the week (at a maximum of 7 days) 224 credits
        3. month 896 credits
      • Version 2)
        1. On day 32 Credits
        2. a week (by the bonus) 252 credits
        3. month 1,008 credits
      • Version 3)
        1. On day 32 Credits
        2. week 280 credits
        3. month 1,120 credits
      • Version 4)
        1. on day 0 credits retroactive effect but 48 credits
        2. week 336 credits
        3. month 1,344 credits
      • Version 5)
        1. on day 0 credits retroactive effect but 60 credits
        2. week 0 credits, retroactive effect, however, 420 credits
        3. month 1,680 credits

      The disadvantages of such a system are of course obvious.
      Firstly, the cost of the staff would almost double and the other, the processing time would be a not to be underestimated.
      What, however, at a space station with an estimated 17,640 - not surprising 70,560 potential layers.

      Items on the space station and around the station

      layers planning

      Each of the above-indicated items would apply in extreme cases, an hour.
      Every hour would correspond to a shift in our concept. This means there would be a day 2,520 layers in the week 17,640 layers and 70,560 in monthly layers.

      For each layer, a player would claim his reward. This could be best achieved where one would use internally generated Quests which could take and complete a player every day.
      The disadvantage here that would be would the capital for these quests
      probably also would have to create 70,560 Quests, each month.

      better alternative would be the one player provides access to the
      banking system, would thus each player to have according to its
      Entlohnungsbesohlung a pay grade. players

      • Every day ...
      • Players the week ...
      • Players the month ...
      • Players who once a week ...
      • Players once a month ...
      • ... Receive salary.

      The disadvantage of this system would be the one the players e.g. involved only 3 days a week at the station service would floodgates would open for abuse.

      For this reason, the allocation of a station manager is the easiest
      solution, the most clarity and adaptability allowed simultaneously.
      This means a player will serve as a Bank Officer and watch over the
      players' salaries, these paying and also check how active a player in
      Crew Planner has been on the station.
      In this way each player himself and especially spontaneous can decide when and how he wants to receive his salary.

      Possible implementation in the game

      Ultimately, the implementation would look for each player as follows:
      • after a player has mastered his job at the station, he can decide whether he goes to the Station Manager and or if he makes his reward worried this later.
      • when demand its Reward Station Manger, examined this
        • how long ago that is the player was rewarded
        • and how often he has since then performed on the station's service
      • only after the player receives his salary.

      It would be important here to mention that you can arrange any partial payment more to complicate the system even further.
      • The player has only the above-mentioned 5 ways and no longer.

      It would be possible that you combine different versions. So a player can change within the month between different versions of 1 to 4 category when he desperately needed the credits.
      • The version 5, however, is not to be combined with the other versions.

      Also, this flexibility makes it necessary that a survivor thinking
      (cough) man takes care of the fulfillment of this task and no automatic
      predefined system.

      A partial list of salaries per remit of the station would appear according to the example of 15 Euro so:

      • SEC. 423,360 credits per month
      • ECO. 120,960 credits per month
      • LOGI. 272,160 credits per month
      • EXPLORING. 161,280 credits per month
      • Medic. 151,200 credits per month