Activities of a crew member of the security

      Activities of a crew member of the security

      Activities of a security crewmember


      In the previous topics we have already discussed several possible other departments and their structure, aswell their requirements.
      Now we would like to explain what a security crewmember could be facing in a 3 hour timespan. We start with a plain 3 hour shift without any further escalation.

      As long as there aren't any given facts by CIC, this topic remains highly theoretical.


      At the start of each shift the new shift will get a short breefing by the leaving shift to get all necessary information about:
      • Situation in the last hours
      • Situation at the moment
      • expected situation in the next few hours
      On days with special occasions like tournaments the threat level will be higher than usual. As there are 372 official tournaments planned in a year these breefings happen nearly every day.
      (Here you will find details in: Babylon 6 tournaments)

      These breefings may cause slight variations in the shiftplan to adapt to certain events.

      training maneuvers

      A normal shift starts and ends with a training in space combat aswell as a first person fight. These trainings take usuallye 15 min per fight and serve as a time buffer.

      Service to Babylon 6

      To avoid boredam security crewmember will move around various departments during their shift. As there will be 11 departments in security, and its planned to stay for 15 minutes in each and on top the trainings and breefings, it won't work to work in every single department. Chief of security will priorize all tasks and assign them to the security crewmember.

      As a security crewmember you will probably work in these departments:

      • Admission control
      • Verification of spaceships
      • Patrol duty
      • Training at the stationary guns
      • Briefing on the energy controls
      • Sector control of the space station
      • Duty at the detention cells

      shift end

      At the end of the shift you are reporting to the chief of security all relevant events of your shift.
      Special events like murders or riot will be reported to the Council aswell.
      Chief of security is authorized to use extensive interrogation to resolve the ocurring special events.

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