Summary of Babylon 6 project

      Summary of Babylon 6 project

      The Babylon 6 project


      Ambassadors from 32 organizations from 4 time zones come together and set up a council.
      This council created for a sector of space in Star Citizen a uniform sector specific
      Charter, which will have the goal to protect the players and to support the actions of players within this sector.

      This council creates a uniform sector-specific charter for a space sector in Star Citizen,
      which will aim to protect the players within this sector and to support the actions of players.

      As a basis for this project, a space station will serve about a year after release, which can be supplied through joint naval maneuvers and attended by all the players in Star Citizen.
      The operation of this space station will consist of members of 32 organizations, their allies and freelancers.


      The station will have at least the different scientific, economic, military, technical and medical departments.
      These are of support - support permanently ships, so as to broaden the scope of action of the station.
      This starts with small Snubfighten to control the outer shell, through various fighters, bombers and transporters to large research and battle ships.


      To make the station more attractive for visitors should there be distributed to the Regular
      tournament over the year to all players in various category bets.
      To bring together to celebrate the winner and to the individual players who participate on Babylon 6 project will be taken after each tournament win a voluntary Real Life.
      Overall, we will offer 4 different types of tournaments.

      1. Sataball
      2. Battle Squadron / Racing
      3. Capture the Core
      4. Team Sleep match (normally Team Deathmatch, just with stun gun)

      These battles are with EMP or stun guns instead to prevent damage to ships and the player.
      However, they are not held Simulates but directly in the persistent universe of Star Citizen.


      The station will Economically be heavily dependent on the inflow of players buy goods at the station.
      However, we will also independently exporting goods and importing more to support the economy running.


      Furthermore, we are active on Deep Space Research go with the fleet maneuvers more new items to win for the sale on the station.

      Here enige Striking examples of possible constellations fleet.