Babylon 6 - General Presentation of Affiliates

      Babylon 6 - General Presentation of Affiliates

      Babylon 6 Project organization

      The universe speaks in many languages, but only with a single voice.
      It is not the German language or the English or the Russian or the french or the Hebrew.
      It speaks in the language of hope.
      It speaks in the language of trust.
      It speaks in the language of force and in the language of passion.
      It is the language of the heart and the language of the soul.
      But it's always the same voice.
      It is the voice of our ancestors who speak of us.
      And the language of our heirs, waiting to be born.
      It is the still small voice that says that we are all one.
      Regardless of the blood, regardless of skin color, whatever the country,
      irrespective of the continents we are one.
      Despite the suffering, despite the darkness Despite the losses,
      regardless of fear. We are one.
      Here, united in the pursuit of our common goal,
      We hereby acknowledge the only truth and the only rule:
      That we must be kind to one another.
      Because each voice enriches us and ennobles us.
      And each voice lost diminishes us.
      We are the voice of the universe,
      the soul of creation,
      the fire that will illuminate our way to a better future.
      We are one.

      A modified form of a text from the series B5.

      Spectrum Identification (SID): BABYLON6
      Objectives: trade, research, security, neutrality and Community Events
      Size Currently: 6 people representative of 90 players
      Maximum size: 32 people representative of 1,600 players
      Ideas for the Babylon Project 6: A space station, conducted jointly connected to a aktzeptierten of all Charter.

      Legarto Industries

      We are a Corporation which is always looking for good and rewarding transactions.
      We will have a variety of factories and operate them effectively.
      To use merchant ships in order to buy cheap and sell with profit.
      Business is our life, we are the Legarto Industries.

      Spectrum Identification (SID): LEGARTO
      Objectives: trade, transport, mining and Guilds International escort, salvage and -Rescue and Exploring.
      Size Currently: 6 people
      Maximum size: 30 but can be increased if needed
      Ideas for the Babylon 6 project: We would like to have a large trading station later on in order to buy and sell goods for profit.

      TS3 data:
      Password: legarto

      German Transport and Trading Organisation

      It is our goal to become a large and flexible organization that deals with various job fields.
      At first, we will trade, later on we will build up escorts and as time goes by
      we will get started in the fields of mining and exploration.
      Finally, we will beginn to build up roots within the business field of production. So that we can offer our employees a wide range of fields of activities.
      We are the GTTO and work along the lines of "Baby Steps to Giant Strides".

      Spectrum Identification (SID): GTTO
      Objectives: trade -> Escort -> Exploration -> Mining -> Production
      Size Currently: 38 people
      Maximum size: Not defined
      Ideas for the Babylon 6 Project: We want to use the station as an exchange platform for our merchandise

      TS3 data:
      Password: none


      “Change is on track and forward we move with unity and focused purpose” – UnityBeing313

      Spectrum Identification (SID): UNITYBEING
      Objectives: Corporation & Regular & Role play
      Size Currently: 21 people

      Unlimited Horizons

      We will not only transport your goods to the endless limits of the galaxy, we will take you there too.

      Spectrum Identification (SID): UNHORIZON
      Objectives: Corporation & Regular & Role play
      Size Currently: 9 people

      RWBY [Huntsmen for Hire]

      Welcome, to the (somewhat) official /r/RWBY Star Citizen organization! We are looking for strong and enthusiastic Huntsmen of the RWBY community to join us in the fight! Do you have what it takes to join us?

      Spectrum Identification (SID): RWBY
      Objectives: PMC & Regular & Role play
      Size Currently: 41 people

      Phoenix Interstellar

      As a German-weapons manufacturers our focus is on
      the development and production of highly accurate and reliable combat and defense systems.
      Want to win wars need Phoenix Force, the name for quality.

      Spectrum Identification (SID): PHII
      Objectives: Research, Hardcore, Exclusive
      Size Currently: 46 people
      Maximum size: /
      for Babylon 6 Project: Lucrative business, new contacts and markets

      TS3 data:
      Password: none

      Alesch Military Agency & Associates Ltd.

      Integrity First
      Service Before Self
      Excellence in All We Do

      Spectrum Identification (SID): amaal
      Goals: Security, escort = protection
      Size Currently: 19 people
      Maximum size: /
      Ideas for the Babylon 6 Project: protection for players, possibly new jobs and PR

      TS3 data:
      Password: none

      Black Phalanx Corporation

      We are a corporation which is an tradition anchored company, specialized in Convoy Protection.
      Our aim is to build on the earlier successes of the company and to improve our capabilities within the business sectors exploration,
      analysis and transportation alongside the convoy protection service.

      Spectrum Identification (SID): 501
      Objectives: trade, transport, mining and Internal- and external escort and Exploring.
      Size Currently: 10 people
      Maximum size: 20-30, however, can be increased as needed
      Ideas for the Babylon 6 Project: Modeled after the Babylon 5 space station, which serverd as a central meeting point for traders, travelers and more, we see this project as away to establish a permanent home and base for all kinds of business (only the legal ones).

      TS3 data: (currently on secondary server - - no pw))
      Password: abc123

      New Lunar Republic

      *in progress*
      Spectrum Identification (SID): NLR
      Objectives: (in progress)
      Size Currently: 32 people
      Ideas for the Babylon Project 6: (in progress)

      Sprachen: English
      Inhaltsverzeichnis (English / in progress))


      *in progses*

      Spectrum Identification (SID): SCT
      *in progses*
      Size Currently: 97 people
      Maximum size:
      *in progses*
      for Babylon 6 Project:
      *in progses*

      TS3 data:
      *in progses*
      Password: none

      Whiskey Storm Core

      *in progress*
      Spectrum Identification (SID): WHISKEY
      *in progses*
      Size Currently: 45
      Maximum size: 45
      Ideas for the Babylon Project 6:
      *in progses*

      TS3 data:
      Password: none

      Freie Falken

      A single branch breaks easily, but many branches are strong together.
      According to this motto, our organization offers to act as an supportive entity.
      Our members form crews and our organization is supporting these activities,
      because, together we are successful and with success for fun.

      Spectrum Identification (SID): 0FFLINE
      Goals: social, freelancers and Smuggling
      Size Currently: 5 people
      Maximum size: 50-120 people
      Ideas for the Babylon Project 6: The largest station which can be found to make a nexus of events, trade and fun

      TS3 data: 134 255 220 247
      Password: none

      New Member

      •Auxilium - The Red Cross / AID
      -> Fokus: Medizin
      53 Main / 81 Affilate (134 Member)

      •Fankserver / FANKSERVER
      -> Fokus: Informationshandel
      •44 Main / 4 Affilate (48 Member)

      -> Fokus: ?
      •115 M / 6 A (121 Member)

      •Hell Fire Corp. Universe / HFCU
      -> Fokus: Freelancer
      •15 M / 2 A (17 Member)

      •Scorpio Splinter Syndicate / SCORPIO
      -> Fokus: Piraterie
      •101 M / 35 A (136 Member)

      •Bounty Hunter's Guild / BHGUILD
      -> Fokus: Kopfgeldjagt
      •1 M / 0 A (1 Member)