The betting system of Babylon 6

      The betting system of Babylon 6

      The betting system of Babylon 6


      Our system begins with the team through your deposit at the corresponding tournaments make a bet on your own team, says that they themselves are better than all the other teams involved in the tournament. If you manage to survive at least one round, get this deposit back. In Remaining tournament funds for Team who have retired in the first round will be distributed among the remaining teams, reaches according to how far a team in the tournament.

      At the same time, all players can participate in public bets on each team, here it is to put the teams also possible larger sums of money than the initial investment on your own team, or one of the other teams. However, should obviously be a team intentionally loses, your bet would be retained. Likewise with players where it became known that a player has interfered in the tournament.

      Players bet in Babylon 6

      The sums that a player on a Teamwettet be held in the forum, all funds are bundled and integrated into a Finanztop.
      To avoid misunderstandings and to provide players with a realistic idea of your Potential dividend are diagrams like this Published by the beginning of the Tournament:

      These funds are used by the space station to purchase goods and re-sell, resulting in an increase in value over time.
      Depending on the length of the tournament the deposit is one month or three months back to the players referred to those involved in the financial pot.
      This happens regardless of whether the team that had won the tournament Wagered or lost.

      The profit has been generated over time is always also specified in the Forum.

      Share in the victories case

      If the team has to set a player wins obtained, according to the amount that had Wagered accounts for 60% of the profit for the period of the tournament in question, in addition to his original deposit.

      Share in defeat

      If the team has to set a player loses is obtained according to the amount that had Wagered a share of 20% of profit, during the period of the tournament in question, in addition to its Initial Contribution.

      Share of Space Station

      The expense to the members of the space station have operated to achieve the gains and to organize the tournaments reserves the space station Babylon 6, a 20% of the profits of these enterprises.

      General information

      Differences between our example and the later implementation

      We assume here that a small tournament between 4 teams in the later implementation are at Regional tournaments at least 8 teams.
      Furthermore, we expect that significantly more players are involved in these bets, as only the 6 Example Broken player. The bets placed may differ greatly from one another.
      We have joyful bidders considered to demonstrate what could be possible later in this example, relatively uniform bets and some risk.
      In this example, printer paper was picked out from the Internet that were offered both at Amazone as well as a discount, this is only meant as an example of 2 planets in Star Citizen in order to illustrate the goods in one place are more favorable than the other and the you can make a business out of it.

      Since we do not have any idea how much will it cost in the game, for travel and escort so we have calculated Symbolically a quarter of goods sales value.
      We realize that this is not comparable with later costs and should also serve as an example only.

      Choice of the ship, Hull D

      At present we do not yet know what ships be exact may later be stationed on the station, but it is quite certain that a Hull D or Hull C because of your tremendous relationship between the offered cargo and the required crew, will belong to the team of the station.
      A merchant ship for a station is necessary because you have to rely not only on the supply of dealers through a station Private spaceship can goods independently station import, thereby bypassing any profit stomach of free trade business as the organization control the normal, the goods would be in addition expensive.

      You have to leave an escort for this merchant ships in any case, it would usually choose a presumably inefficient Merchantman instead of Hull C or D, because you 3 here - would leave 5 people more for the transporter. What would increase the cost of transport. However, should it prove to be as effective 4 Merchantman (32 people) instead of a Hull D (5 people) to use we would accomplish this, too. However, at present, we believe that a Hull D with appropriate escort and scouts is effective.

      Bet money investment and income generation

      At the start, all bets will be accepted until the tournament begins, then the financial pot (FT) closed (content as 10 UEC) is transmitted and the Economic Department of the space station.
      Together with the finances of the station this money is used to purchase goods as for 100 UEC (UEC 90 (B6) and 10 UEC FT) and for sale as for 200 UEC.
      The resulting difference takes place is the gross profit 100 UEC which the costs will be covered for this action as 20 UEC for fuel.

      The economic department has after this action a cash value of 180 UEC, which date 10 UEC from the financial pot representing a share of 10% of the goods sold. Accordingly would also 10% of 180 UEC flow back to the finanztop. (18 UEC, 10 UEC Bet money and 8 UEC profit.) but may invest again the economic department only 172 UEC for the next mission, as the profits were generated during a mission for the financial pot not be included again in the planning.
      This is to ensure that are safe in case of a disaster such as the Zerstörrung the merchant ship, which by this time were profitable.
      In addition, as is a lückfreier proof of funds to be possible, so that players have the Wettenabgegeben anytime can see how strong the financial pot has already risen.

      This process is repeated depending on the duration of the tournament from 1 to 3 months, the monetary value increases steadily and therefore the value of the financial pot.


      When to tilts the tournament time your end will be transferred back the funds from the Economic Department.
      First, it goes to the betting shop, which then transfers the individual inserts to the players back who made a bet.

      From what remains the profits of the players now be determined who had taken part in the betting.
      If a player has bet on a winning team, he will receive 60% of the profits from the financial pot, but he has put on a losing team he should receive only 20%.

      The Station reserves 20% of the profit to retained as a handling fee to cover the necessary expenses for the cost.

      Declaration on the team

      These teams, the number of players the bets and the amount of these bets are of course completely arbitrary.
      In the future, one should, however, can use this data to be public, estimated as high in demand were the individual teams similar race as in horses.

      This should make players possible future bets are better set and thus more profit.

      If one were to try this with our Arbitrary teams would be to conclude the Team 3 and Team 4 reach obviously the clear favorites of this tournament were.
      Team 1 is a normal team.
      Team 2, however, is more of an underdog team that no one would have expected a victory, a correspondingly high profit could be achieved if one had put on one of these teams.
      At least as long as they would have won.

      Theoretically, it would also be possible that a player could have placed on all 4 teams with different or the same amounts of money, because you his wager regains whether you win or lose has you in this tactic barely disadvantages. One only has to spend more money at the beginning and will receive even more at the end back out.
      Addendum to the Betting System

      Station tournaments and betting

      The tournaments of the station are mainly because of your bets for the station of value, because they are in addition to the financing of organizations additional resources that we can use for economies.
      And although the system at first glance may not seem very lucrative for the station:
      • The inlay of the players, both winners and losers go back and will not be redistributed or even withheld
      • 60% of the profit generated by the money paid back to the player, as a reward for your wager, unless the team has won
      • 20% of the profits go to the loser than you for your participation
      • 20% goes to the station to cover costs and strengthen the economy Station
      • Generally, betting is a additional income source for the players of the project
      • In general, these bets allow the teams to add additional amounts to their own victory over the stake
      • These bets promote the need and interest in the small and large tournaments

      Importance for the players on the station

      The primary target of the betting system is not to consume most of the profits, but the possibility of more goods to buy them again with a corresponding gain to resell.

      In order to understand why this makes sense, or if you should need is one must only recall that, to accomplish this with taxes your members the 32 organizations that fund the project. This means the better it the players of the organizations is the more likely they are Willing to support the project as such.

      Furthermore, you have to would be to call to mind how the relationship.
      • Assuming the 32 organizations supporting the project with 11.52 million credits each month to the cost to cover the incurred in the respective departments.
        • these are roughly 2,400 credits per day of each of the 1,600 players in the project in taxes alone for Babylon 6 project
      • The project provides 18648-74592 players the option to press 1 to 4 hours at the station.
        • can if we start here on an hourly salary of 15 credits a player consequently earn 15 to a maximum of 2520 credits
      • The station service can only therefore only achieve a turnover of 120 credits, with a participation of 112 hours per month

      Ultimately provides the betting system that is the only true way for our members there to win by Babylon 6 project financial wealth.
      Of course, this approach can be completely ignored, the members of organizations generally always pay taxes for the organization and get them usually nothing again.
      The Babylon 6 project the players received at least the option to obtain a majority of the tax return.

      Meaning of betting on the economy of the Station

      Ultimately, however, the betting system has an advantage not only for the members of Babylon 6 project but provides as well as one of the main engines of the economy of the station.
      Not only ensure the tournaments, the betting in common, for attention and thereby to operate actively for potential customers, but also for the necessary capital on a large scale commercially.

      That this is necessary is clear when the division of the money can go to the last point by the head.
      • 11,520,000 credits are available to all areas and departments available
        • of which 1,128,960 credits for the salaries of individual departments reserved and can be used only restricted to trading
      • 10,391,040 Credits go to the departments where ECO ie economy only receives 2,078,208 Credits
        • these credits will be used for all areas of ECO, inter alia:
          • 2 own spaceships
          • 1 Traiding fleets Event
          • 48 Regional Tournaments
          • 4 International Tournament
        • this would correspond to 37 786 credits for each task including the trade, ie the buying and selling of goods.
          • 1,181 per day or 50 credits per hour per ship
      • In comparison, the betting deposits are entirely and exclusively invested in the purchase of merchandise Currently,
        • We are going for the moment of only 1600 players within the project
          • They can bet either at the International or Regional tournaments
            • If one were to assume that each player would use 50 credits wagered would be the 80,000 credits per month
              • So 2,500 credits a day or 104 credits per hour
              • By betting system we could therefore doubled our gross margin.
      • From the profit that would ultimately obtained, the station would have the claim of nearly 50%
        • from the other 2/3 would the station to a claim of 20%
      • would we say we succeed in the month a profit margin of 40% to achieve mean
        • we a profit of 62 229 credits instead of 30 229 credits without the Betting System
        • 32,000 credits can talk betting inserting therefore without problems
          • 20% of them remain in the organization
          • 20% shall be paid to the losers
        • 60% goes to the winner of the bet
          • There remain the station so 36,629 credits to the economy
          • Players will therefore total 25,600 credits