General comments on the various stages.

      Planning stages

      General comments on the various stages.
      1. Spaceships are always passed from player to player
      2. Typical equipment are concerned for each player and for the use during the service time.
      3. A player can volunteer log up to 24 hours before the start of a layer for. Cancellations can, however, only up to 48 hours before the start. Should a player within these 48 hours to cancel this gets an entry in his file, which could lead to a reduction in the probability of its reservation next time.
      4. The content of the player 6 project is evenly distributed as in Babylon set. The only differences are when one demands the content at a later time.
      5. A player can independently choose whether to complete a layer (one hour) or up to four layers in one day.
      6. The disclosure of locations of ships of the project to third parties is not permitted.
      7. Each group has a team leader, this coordinated interaction and ensures compliance with the group-specific tasks.
      8. Special events such as the loss of a vessel must be documented by a report. It must also be pointed out how it came to the loss.
      9. Players who are ready can log in as random for this phase, in which case they would randomly assigned to one of the groups. The advantage here is that you caused that one can be taken a higher probability. In particular, if at the beginning only a few spaces available.
      10. Fighting with destructive weapons against other players during this phase allowed, but not the focus.
      11. The activity of this preparation phase is carried out independently of the Real Life. There is therefore no consideration. When a player logs in and not due notice of the reason is not important.
      12. The team leader of each group to players who do not want to take only refuse if the post concerned can be filled by a substitute. This Must be a NPC.
      13. Players always have priority over 0815 NPCs, it should naturally intelligent AIs provide (in the future) would be something else.
      14. A group leader post is not to be equated with a station commander and will therefore not be a mandatory requirement. Nor has a group leader automatically entitled to the post of Station Commanders. However, it does not hurt also.
      15. Much of the ships of the preparatory phase will be transferred with the opening of the space station to the station. A few ships are returned to the Original organizations. Instead, for the station-specific ships, bought after the opening of the station.
      16. Players who wish to undertake no service within the Babylon 6 project for a long time have to give your equipment the group leader from. Aside from your spacesuits.

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      7. Phase) Where no one has gone before