Babylon 6 and Online Addiction

      Internet addiction based on Star Citizen and Babylon 6

      Babylon 6 and Online Addiction

      Now we want to make our project for the If there is no online addiction? Clear answer: We can not.

      Babylon 6 is a project that is very extensive, much time will eat up and partly because of its long-term plans with the Real Life on similar paths travels like fire and water.

      It is effectively educate our goal and to mediate so that the players can be helped in Bedrängnisgeraten before there are serious and long-term consequences.

      Furthermore, we are with our crew Planner will be used for the planning of events, and Babylon 6 as such, cooldown schedule times for the player make no more frequently than, for example can be scheduled nine hours on three days for. So which one the 10 hours until the fourth day may again be divided.

      In this way, we can at least try to overloading of individual players to avoid, so that no one should feel compelled to do something that he or she actually did not want.

      When 3rd, we want to reduce the fear that someone feels excluded, it was merely because he or she also takes one of their own organization or the project time for yourself and just does not participate in events or the station.

      To this end, we intend to organize regular meetings in real life away from the game where they forced out of the whole issue and online can disengage.
      Here you can find more details in the upcoming meeting topic Babylon. 6 Rough but said before, the goal is that players get the opportunity (four times a year) together a meeting of the different players in the project to live.
      This meeting would take 5 days and deal (except for an evening program) with outdor activities. What this could be in the details you can find out everything in the next issue.

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      Internet addiction based on Star Citizen and Babylon 6
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