Cost of Babylon 6 meeting

      Babylon 6 meeting

      Cost of Babylon 6 meeting

      Generally, we currently have no idea how much will it cost the whole, our estimates ranging here from 60 € to 200 € a day, depending on how luxurious the meeting should ultimately fail.
      However, we already we will distribute the meeting for 5 days to know the first and the last day of primary for the arrival and departure are scheduled. Also not included in this bill what are the travel expenses, as this is likely to vary from player to player.

      Furthermore, it is already clear that the first four meetings will take place in Germany, the reason for this is that we will make the calculation for the first events here, as well as reservations. In future, however, is to meet each held in a different time zone, so also for arrival and departure depending on a complete day. (Jet lag)

      Among all these reasons you can probably assume that for a single player at the cost point average 100 € is expected to be per day. Here journeys, accommodation, meals and costs locally are already taken into account. Overall, we would thus on about 500 € per person. Granted that sounds now pretty much, especially when you consider that a winning team is to (5 people) get sponsored this and that 4 times a
      year. That would therefore on average 10.000 € annually would have to be collected for the winners. A lot of money for each of us, as no one would count from the project to the excessively rich (usually).

      One must on the other hand, keep in mind that we start from 1.400 players all over the world but also. It would therefore suffice if everyone in 3 months would 6 to 10 € donation 1 time and we would have recorded the money by far that we would use for the winner of the tournament.

      Whom the whole still is too expensive, we recommend to take part in the tournament to win the winner's prize and to forego the trip and instead grab a charity with a donation of 2.500 € under the arms.
      We are confident this solution will be chosen by many like, because you can humans, animals and forests thus help in the real world.

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