Idea for those with low incomes

      Babylon 6 meeting

      Idea for those with low incomes

      However, for everyone else who can not participate in the tournament or the deeds and have lost appears this price of course still very high, especially considering that you come from countries where such travel is anything but easy to deal with. For these players, we have considered the following.

      Theoretically, it is us in Babylon 6 project regardless of which country a player is or what language they speak and where we're at it even if it is a he or a she.

      For us, only that we all Counts together at this meeting want to have fun. We want to exchange ideas and share experience something. For this reason we are the height of the necessary money for the meeting is always twice as expensive than necessary specify.
      So when the night costs 15 €, we would calculate with 30 €. Any player who still want to do with, can do this. In particular, if he or she can afford it.

      Now if we say 40 people struggle through in this Babylon 6 meet to make, they would pay for an additional 40 people.
      * brief moment waiting for the protest outcry to bridge *

      The 40 people that could come virtually nothing, in addition to the winners of the tournament will receive course no free pass.
      Instead, this money will be used to players from poorer backgrounds to enable a concession, similar to a student loan or a grant.

      It has to be solved in this respect, our goal three problems at once. On the one hand is not too many members are ensured show up at the meetings, as there would be a bureaucratic nightmare to organize a meeting for round 1.600 people.
      For the second strengthens the fact that members financially for other players to bring the feeling of solidarity within the project, which all provides a greater sense of connectedness.
      Third, these subsidies should provide players with lower incomes the opportunity to participate, despite their low incomes in the meetings.

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