Activities during the event

      Babylon 6 meeting

      Activities during the event

      At the beginning of the second day a big breakfast takes place, which opens into a brunch.
      The whole campaign runs under the premise of the game children chair dance, where a man run to any number of chairs and must sit down at a certain time always, but there is always missing a chair always falls from someone.
      We draw the whole thing the other way around, and use instead of music, which will give it possibly, a Büffe and drinks.

      So there is a certain number of tables and chairs where you can eat and give to the other end of the room there will be a buffet. Where we would only use small plates and glasses.
      Whenever someone now gets something to eat, to drink or, by any other participants are given the opportunity to sit down and so to entertain the audience and to discover this.
      Until someone gets up here and so another person the opportunity arises.

      In this way we want to especially on the first Babylon 6 meeting to break the ice that could possibly exist. Especially since some people will be the meet on this issue probably more shy and introverted.

      After breakfast the actual Babylon 6 starts meeting, depending on locality follows other ideas, so we could go hiking in the Müritz National Park, or take on the north or Baltic Sea the stands uncertain.
      Detailed plans to stand here yet because we do this mainly with volunteers interested in participating Plan which ultimately meet at the appropriate.

      However, in the evenings we would like to organize a DVD or Blue-Ray evening, separately for adults and children, so that no one gets bored. Were available here hundreds of movies, from different categories of comedy and action.
      Accurate film planning would be, however, matched here with stakeholders.
      (As a concession for the international organizations, we would here use the English sound with German subtitles or German sound and English subtitles)

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